About Us

We had a vision.

Apparel that focused on the great state of Michigan as well as the individuals and groups of people who keep it thriving. 

We are artists.  We are musicians.  We are outdoors enthusiasts. 

We wanted apparel and accessories that would represent us, not just the way we feel, but the way we live.  We wanted designs based on the beautiful state we are so fortunate to live in, and we wanted them created by the amazing and talented people who have made this place their home.

We wanted products that are 100% designed, created, and printed with LOVE and by hand in Michigan.

We wanted to use local companies, local artists, and local shops.

We saw a gap, a hole in the system.  We can offer premium clothing and accessories adorned with Michigan based designs.  Our shirts can be soft cotton and cotton/polyester mixed for the most comfortable feel.  We can offer a better price to our customers while holding up the quality and integrity that we ourselves demand from our merchandise.

We had a vision.  We had a dream.

It's all a reality now.